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Blended Burger  - Grateful Chicken Burger in hands
Blended Burger - grateful burger original in hands
Blended Burger - grateful burger in hands

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Blended burgers can get more vegetables into a family’s diet while removing some of the saturated fats, calories and sodium found in most all-beef patties. “When you can spot a convenience food at the market that’s going to bring better nutrition to your table, I’d say go for it,” she says.

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The Original Angus Burger is a 60% beef and 40% mushroom blend and together allows our blended burgers to retain a delicious beef flavor and texture unlike veggie burgers. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half!

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These are blended burgers, thick and remarkably juicy, made with either 60 percent grass-fed Angus beef or chicken mixed with 40 percent, or one-half cup, fresh veggies: portabella mushrooms, green onion, carrots, kale, and seasonings. More nutritious and lower in fat and calories than a beefy burger, it’s an excellent choice to help cut down on meat.

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Grateful Recipes

Blended Burger - Grateful Asian Chicken Taco

Asian Chicken Taco

Looking for a new twist on Taco Tuesday? Our versatile chicken burgers are perfect for an asian style taco with red cabbage, peppers, bean sprouts and cilantro!

Blended Burger Grateful Meat Sauce

Grateful Meat Sauce

Looking to change up your traditional meat sauce? Replace ground beef with Original Grateful Grass Fed Burgers for a healthier, leaner and flavorful weeknight meal!

Blended Burger Grateful Chicken Bowl

Grateful Chicken Bowl

Quick, easy, delicious, our chicken burgers can go in anything, including this delicious salad bowl! Complete with avocado, spinach and hot sauce, this is a quick & tasty weeknight meal.