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What are Grateful Burgers?

Blended Burgers! We blend high quality meat with an assortment of fresh vegetables to create FLAVORFUL, HEALTHY and ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIENCE burgers!

Better Flavor

Grateful Burger uses only the highest quality ingredients, such as Grass-Fed beef and all natural vegetables. Our burgers are bursting with natural flavor!

Better Recipes

These burgers can go in anything! Any recipe that you use ground beef, chicken or turkey for, you can substitute Grateful Burgers!

Blended Burger - Grateful Burger Grass Fed

Better Health

Less meat more veggies means our burgers are lower in fats, carbs, cholesterol, sodium and higher in essential nutrients and vitamins!

Better Planet

Less meat in our burger is better for our environment. Did you know that each Grateful Burger can save 166 gallons of water!

Blended Burger  - Grateful Chicken Burger in hands
Blended Burger - grateful burger original in hands
Blended Burger - grateful burger in hands

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Read what our customers are saying!

“To be honest with you I hate mushrooms but I wanted a burger. But I can’t even taste the mushrooms! I love the consistency, and it’s so moist – I love it!”

Roger Macdonald

Boston Local Food Fest

“I had a sample, then walked along to see the other vendors and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I came back to buy a whole burger. I love it!”

Holly from NY

Boston Local Food Fest

“These are wicked awesome – I’d eat this over a regular burger any day!”

Don & Linda from NH

Boston Local Food Fest

Grateful Recipes

Blended Burger - Grateful Asian Chicken Taco

Asian Chicken Taco

Looking for a new twist on Taco Tuesday? Our versatile chicken burgers are perfect for an asian style taco with red cabbage, peppers, bean sprouts and cilantro!

Blended Burger Grateful Meat Sauce

Grateful Meat Sauce

Looking to change up your traditional meat sauce? Replace ground beef with Original Grateful Grass Fed Burgers for a healthier, leaner and flavorful weeknight meal!

Blended Burger Grateful Chicken Bowl

Grateful Chicken Bowl

Quick, easy, delicious, our chicken burgers can go in almost anything, including this delicious salad bowl! Complete with avocado, spinach and hot sauce, this is a quick & tasty weeknight meal.